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Bjorn Lomborg | ARC 2023
0h 16m
Held between 30th October and 1st November, this major gathering of political, business, and cultural leaders will explore practical solutions to defining challenges in areas such as the future of the family, free enterprise, affordable energy, environmental stewardship, and moral governance. Over 1,000 people will be attending this sold-out invitational event, including over 100 parliamentarians from across Europe, the UK, and Australia, as well as a delegation of Congressional leaders from the USA. Conference delegates will hear from some of the world’s leading speakers including: Public intellectuals and thought leaders Dr Jordan B Peterson, Prof Niall Ferguson, Andy Haldane, Tom Holland, Jonathan Haidt, Michael Shellenberger, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Os Guinness, Bjorn Lomborg, Mary Harrington, Louise Perry, Warren Farrell, and Prof Scott Tinker. Business leaders Magatte Wade, Sir Paul Marshall, and Baroness Morrissey. Former Prime Ministers of Australia John Howard, Scott Morrison, and Tony Abbott, former deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor, and Shadow Minister for Defence Andrew Hastie. Vice Chairman of the US House Republican Conference Mike Johnson and Senator Mike Lee, as well as US Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. UK Parliamentarians Miriam Cates MP, Baroness Stroud, and Danny Kruger MP as well as senior UK Government Ministers that will be announced in the coming weeks.
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