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Aboriginal Maths
Aboriginal Maths
April 22, 2024by Gary Johns

Will Aboriginal mathematics save Aboriginal people? Some think so. For example, Professor Rowena Ball from the ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute argues, ‘Students of … colonised peoples are starting to be more critical about accepting unquestioningly the cultural hegemony of mainstream European-based mathematics.’...

The Cruelty of the Great Covid Divide
The Cruelty of the Great Covid Divide
March 20, 2024by Melinda Richards

How two people from opposite sides of the pandemic became friends, and realised that division is tyranny’s greatest weapon. By Melinda Richards. ...

Chris Bowen: "a visionary"
Chris Bowen: "a visionary"
March 28, 2024by ADH Staff Writer

You’ve heard it all now … Anthony Albanese thinks Chris Bowen is a visionary....

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United Kingdom
Britain’s Happy Warrior
April 9, 2024by Peggy Grande

When I received an invitation to attend Nigel Farage’s 60th birthday party in London, I knew it would be a “don’t miss” event. The invitation had a cartoon drawing of Nigel, grinning widely, holding up a “pint”. The words were simply, “Please...

United States
Four Presidents Converged on the Empire State Last Week, but Only One Mattered
Four Presidents Converged on the Empire State Last Week, but Only One Mattered
April 10, 2024by Peggy Grande

There have been two defining moments thus far in the 2024 US Presidential election cycle which I’m sure the Democrats wish they could retract. But they can’t. They revealed themselves in the most transparent, and loathsome way. Voters won’t forget....

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