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Q&A: Peter Dutton addresses IPA Members in Sydney
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“The Institute of Public Affairs looks forward to welcoming Peter Dutton, who will address members at a time of growing national division and economic uncertainty, as the community looks to Canberra for leadership,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs. On 7 July 2023, the Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Peter Dutton MP will deliver a keynote address to members of the Institute of Public Affairs in Sydney. “Over recent months, Peter Dutton has drawn a sharper distinction between the opposition and the government on key policy issues facing mainstream Australia, such as the Voice, energy, education, and migration, which has kickstarted debates Australia needs to have,” said Mr Wild. Noticeably, Mr Dutton has started to outline to Australians his vision for the future of our nation, as well as critiquing the Federal Government’s flagship policies. “Mr Dutton has provided clear support for the foundational principle of equality in his opposition to the divisive Voice to Parliament; outlined the damaging effects of the acceleration of unplanned mass-migration, with no accompanying social and economic infrastructure; and has led the debate about the use of nuclear power in Australia,” said Mr Wild. At the Sir John Downer Oration in April, Mr Dutton also discussed another key issue, Australia’s failing education system, where he argued, “ideologically driven advocates have too much influence over what is being taught to our children. We want our children to be educated, not indoctrinated. Our kids are being taught ‘what to think’ – not ‘how to think’.” Mr Dutton’s address comes on the back of key research recently released by the Institute of Public Affairs on the following key topics: • The divisive Voice to Parliament that the New Zealand experience shows could have veto power of Australian law. • Australia’s energy crisis and record household energy bills. • A surge in unplanned mass-migration exacerbating the nation-wide housing shortage. • Government debt and spending that is driving inflation and fuelling cost of living crisis. • The unfair tax and red tape treatment of pensioners, veterans, and students who want to work to alleviate crippling nation-wide worker shortage. • A national education curriculum which is indoctrinating, rather than educating, young Australians. “Since 1943, the IPA has been proud to have hosted many Members of Parliament from both sides of politics and reiterates the open invitation to our leaders should they wish to address an audience of IPA members,” said Mr Wild.
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