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David Flint
Terrorists/Aussies poorer/'Green superpower'/ Watering Australia-Alan Jones
0h 49m
Expect intelligent conversations on the big issues as Professor David Flint urges Australians to take back their country. Albanese govt flirts with terrorism 1.57 - 6.53 Australians suddenly poorer: Leith Van Onselen 6.53 - 24.31 ‘Green energy superpower’ nonsense: Prof Ian Plimer 23.31 – 36.03 Watering Australia - introducing Alan Jones 36.03 – 43.71 Alan Jones: Watering our continent 43.71- 49.21 Watch ‘Save the Nation with Professor David Flint’ live and on demand at ADH TV, Thursdays 9PM AEDT.
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