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Dave Pellowe
Robbie Katter, youth crime crisis & relocation sentencing | TCASS 23.24
0h 50m
Robbie Katter MP joins Dave Pellowe to discuss an innovative, common sense policy about real consequences for serial youth offenders, promising positive outcomes in the lives of convicted minors. Why is the Labor government refusing to even trial it? What have they got to lose, except an election in about 12 months? • WANT TO HELP? Contact your local MP and ask them if they’ll support relocation sentencing for serial youth offenders to help break the crime crisis in Queensland! Get help to write a simple email at • MORE INFO on Relocation Sentencing at • SAVE 20% on your tickets to the Church And State Adelaide conference with Sen Alex Antic, Stephen Chavura, James Macpherson, Topher Field, Sarah Game MLC, Michelle Pearse, Dave Pellowe & more: USE CODE "ADH20" - • Subscribe to weekly video and article updates from Dave Pellowe - • "The Spirit Behind the Voice - The religious dimension of the 'Voice' proposal" (chapter 9 by Dave Pellowe) -
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