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Dave Pellowe
Yay PATRIARCHY & International Men's Day | The Church And State Show 23.33
0h 50m
Why is Women's Day a huge deal but Men's Day barely rates a chook raffle? A society with nothing but weak or scorned men is a society destined for collapse. In this episode, Dave Pellowe advocates celebrating and supporting men in culture, with decorated Australian Army veteran Andy Cullen and Olympic swimmer Dan Smith. • DONATE to support free trauma recovery for veterans, first responders and the wider community at • DON'T MISS the "Israel & Anti-Semitism" conference next Sunday here on ADH.TV or register to be there in person at • WATCH all the presentations from #ChurchAndState Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide now on ADH - • SUBSCRIBE to weekly updates and read more from Dave Pellowe -
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