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Damian Coory
Housing Crisis: Investors Bailing Out Over Too Much Red Tape
0h 52m
Antonia Mercorella, CEO of one of the nation’s most influential and respected Real Estate Institutes, tells ADH TV’s Damian Coory that rules restricting how much property investors can borrow, higher taxes on investment properties, and new laws giving tenants greater rights are all making investing in residential property unattractive. As a result investors – both large and small - are looking for other things to do with their money, so that less housing is being built and scarcity increases. This drives up house prices for both aspiring homeowners and renters even more. Government needs to look at changing rules to attract investment back to the market, as demand rises while supply tanks. Otherwise, prices will continue to skyrocket. This Ep 208i first aired on ADH TV on 6 June 2023. The Other Side Interviews is a weekly long-form interview show on important news topics. It streams every Tuesday night at 6pm on Australia's ADH TV at It complements the weekly main show The Other Side Australia with Damian Coory which is a news and commentary summary show that streams on Friday nights at 8pm.
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