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Damian Coory
Ep213i - The Other Side Interviews ROB McMULLAN - Natural Law Expert
0h 54m
Ep213i - The Other Side Interviews ROB McMULLAN - Natural Law Expert This week we go deep! What is NATURAL LAW? Can this philosophy help to explain the weird times we're living through? Damian spends some time trying to understand the concept of Natural Law - one of the philosophies that led to the founding principles of the United States - with Natural Law expert, Rob McMullan. Is it immoral to be selfish? What did Anglo-British thinking get right? What is entropy and what does it have to do with how we live our lives? Is the left-right paradigm the right way to view politics and economics? Get ready to explore some interesting ideas as Damian tries to wrap his medium-sized brain around a big-brain theory Rob has been studying for some time. This Ep 213i first aired on ADH TV on 11 July 2023. The Other Side Interviews is a weekly long-form interview show on important news topics. It streams every Tuesday night at 6pm on Australia's ADH TV at It complements the weekly main show The Other Side Australia with Damian Coory which is a news and commentary summary show that streams on Friday nights at 8pm.
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