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Damian Coory
Ep222i The Other Side Interviews Sall Grover - Founder and CEO at Giggle
1h 02m
Sall Grover is the Australian founder of an independent female-only social media, networking platform and app called ‘Giggle’. Giggle was created by Sall as a platform centred around women connecting with, and supporting, other women. The purpose was to provide an app that allowed women to safely connect; an important consideration when dealing with strangers. Giggle used biometric technology to scan faces to ensure the app remained single-sex. Sall is being taken to court because she wants her Giggle app to remain female-only. Sall Grover has been tremendously supportive of lesbian and bisexual women on her Giggle app over the years, and all women's need to have female-only spaces. This is a landmark case that is about to go to the Federal Court. If Sall Grover wins the case, it will be a big victory for sex-based rights, not just for all women but for LGB people across Australia too.
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