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Damian Coory
Ep206 The Liberal Party Eats Itself Alive; The ACT’s Legal Meltdown - Fri19May
0h 48m
The Liberal Party of Australia demonstrates it’s no longer safe for conservatives and classical Liberals with its bizarre treatment of new MP Moira Deeming. Damian pulls no punches as he serves the old party of Menzies its last rites. And we explain the chaotic state of the ACT’s criminal justice system as the Inquiry following the aborted Higgins-Lehrmann rape trial reveals an extraordinary approach to justice in the Green-run territory. The Other Side Australia with Damian Coory is a weekly news and commentary summary show that first streams on Friday nights at 8pm on ADH TV. It’s supplemented by a weekly long-form interview show on important news topics that streams every Tuesday night at 6pm on Australia's ADH TV at BOTH SHOWS ARE AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND ON ADH TV FOR YOU TO WATCH FREE WHENEVER YOU WANT TO!
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