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Damian Coory
Ep 228 – The REAL Reason NO Won; The WAR behind the WAR
1h 05m
Australia rejects the ‘terrible idea” that was The Voice to Parliament and the Yes side has thrown a tantrum, blaming everyone but themselves. As predicted, the Australian left’s next plan is to push through with alternatives to The Voice at a state level and new misinformation/disinformation laws to censor their opponents once and for all. Damian reviews the reaction to the vote and finds the childish attitude of entitlement lurking. An attitude demonstrated perfectly by former TV star, Rove McManus on the show he now owns, The Project, before the vote. Professor James Allan, Constitutional Expert from University of Qld law school joins us again for the wash-up. We discuss Dr Jordan Peterson’s psychoanalysis of Hamas and an embarrassing court loss for the ABC that really puts ‘our’ national broadcaster to shame. Ep 228 of The Other Side Australia for the weekend commencing Friday October 20 2023. Watch with video on
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