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Damian Coory
Ep 235 – XMAS SPECIAL: The Miracles We Take For Granted - Capitalism and Liberty
0h 59m
In our Christmas Special final show for 2023… The miracle we all take for granted every day – free market capitalism – and how if we don’t learn to protect it, we will lose it The reason we’re about to lose it – our education system is a mess, kids’ literacy, numeracy and understanding of civics, economics, politics and history are in decline as woke universities teach woke teachers to make our kids woke! This alternative union has had enough and is fighting back! The politicisation of the public service… is it a bad or a good thing? How independent should public servants be from our elected representatives? Ep 235 of The Other Side Australia for the weekend commencing Friday December 8, 2023. Watch with video on
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