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Damian Coory
Ep 304 –BIDEN 'Unfit for Presidency' + GREENS nutty ideas for Aus - Squatting & Shoplifting!
0h 49m
This weekend… SECRECY NATION - we STILL don't know who the spy traitor MP was! Donald Trump annihilates Nikki Haley in the Super Tuesday nomination competitions in the United States. Top global Aussie Professor says Biden is ‘unfit’ to be president and keeping him there is ‘elder abuse’ And we meet the Greens candidate running for Lord Mayor of Brisbane - you will NOT believe this guy’s kooky ideas folks! Can the embattled Liberal party get its act together after a lacklustre performance in the Dunkley by-election? And the President of the Philippines - Ferdinand Marcos Junior speaks about his father’s legacy. Ep 304 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday March 8, 2024. Watch with video on
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