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Damian Coory
Ep 314 – GUTLESS – Aussie PM Fails to Stand Up to Woke ICC
0h 55m
This week on The Other Side… Australia’s Moment of Shame - Albo refuses to follow world leaders and stand up for liberal democracy and Israel. The International Criminal Court tried to draw a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas this week by announcing it is seeking an arrest warrant for the leaders of both. Most world leaders - except ours - immediately shot down that idea We analyse Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with CNN in which he faces tough questions about Israel's approach to the war The Iranian President leaves this world in an inferno fit for the butcher of innocents that he was - and nobody cares. But what will happen next in Iran? · The UK is going to have an election sooner than we thought - we’ll find out why · And Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has a hilarious take on the reaction to his comments last week about Australia becoming a nation of woke wimps Ep 314 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday May 24, 2024. Watch all our shows on ADH TV for FREE! Here:
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