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Damian Coory
Ep 319 – Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Aussie Journalists + The TRUTH About NUCLEAR
0h 58m
This weekend on The Other Side… TUCKER CARLSON schools a naive Australian journalist in one of the finest takedowns in recent Aussie media history A left-wing senior Liberal Party figure comes out from behind his mask and backs the Labor party on a NO-NUCLEAR power future JULIAN ASSANGE walks free - but is he a hero or a villain? TRUMP and BIDEN face-off in the first debate, but is this the end for poor old Joe? Do you own the land your house is on? Maybe not totally any more. We’ll explain what the latest NATIVE TITLE claim over a huge part of built up urban East coast Australia means And how do we make sense of the NUCLEAR POWER ebate when people are throwing crazy numbers around? The Other SIde’s energy guru Ben Beattie from the Baseload podcast and our economics guru Mr Scott Pelto to try to make sense of it all. Ep 319 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday June 28, 2024. Watch all our shows on ADH TV for FREE! Here:
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