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The Week in 60 Minutes Australia: Ep5 | Spectator TV - Wednesday 31 May, 2023
1h 05m
The Spectator Australia is dedicated to freedom of expression and is vehemently opposed to the censorious nature of modern ‘woke’ politics and cancel culture. If you are keen to hear the views and ideas of experts who do not belong to the expert class, of journalists and commentators who do not pander to their media owners, and of political thinkers capable of transcending the party system to view the issues for what they are, then The Spectator Australia is the only place for you. We are committed to offering provocative, insightful, and engaging writing from our astonishing stable of contrarian conservative thinkers. From high life to low, from outraged to amused, from local to international, we delight in providing the most stimulating and enjoyable viewpoints in the Australian media. Enjoy!
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