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ABC Radio and TV Suffers a Major Ratings Flop. What’s It Going To Take?

ADH Staff WriterMarch 14, 2024

The ABC yet again tanks in the ratings in every market on radio and TV – and they just can’t work out why.

It’s an expensive parallel universe.

ABC management conducts review after review into why their audiences are running away … then they go and do exactly the same thing again!

It’s the perfect example of Einstein’s well quoted definition of insanity.

Today is radio ratings day and with it comes an undeniable report card that proves the public is switching off the ABC.

In every single capital city, the ABC’s radio audience has tanked.

Local prime-time shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth had a shocker.

They shed listeners and continued to perform badly.

This is despite;

- senior management hiring a batch of new ‘big money’ executives to run ABC radio last year.

- a national review by an army of consultants and audience researchers,

- and, more than a dozen on-air presenter changes.

But things have just got worse.

And the problems aren’t just on radio.

TV is a basket-case.

In terms of viewership, the ABC’s flashship 7pm news bulletin is dwarfed by the commercial TV news audience numbers.

For all their righteousness about the quality and trust in ABC News, the public thinks differently with viewing choices.

Across the nation of 26-million people, with ABC transmitters in every town and city, Taxpayer TV struggles to find a million viewers most nights.

It flops.

ABC News and 730 Report struggles to make the Top 10 most watched shows most nights; comprehensively beaten by the nightly game shows, Home and Away, and overwhelmed by Channel 7 and 9 news services.

The message is loud and clear.

The people are voting with their remote controls and switching ABC off.

It’s no secret.

ABC staff and management all know this but they invent excuses to justify their repeated failures.

The biggest lie told is : “the commercial sector has so much more money”.

Let’s be blunt … that’s just straight-out bullshit.

The ABC enjoys $1.15 billion every year with a promise that their funding will grow every year – regardless of their audience appeal.

ABC Television continues to massively outspend the self-funded Commercial TV stations when it comes to outdoor promotional advertising.

It’s not uncommon to see ABC shows and services being promoted on the highest profile billboards in every major city – often bumping-off big spending international brands in the ‘battle for eyeballs’.

The ABC (and SBS) competes in the race for big money sports rights, often pushing up the price.

Like for like, it pays more for journalists and producers – the exception obviously being for big name commercial stars like Karl Stefanovic, Natalie Barr, and Scott Cam.

People tune in and dislike what’s there.

Still, the ABC straight-out refuses to see fault.

Everybody knows what’s going on but they refuse to change.

We’ve all heard the phrase “go woke, go broke”. It’s amazing how badly you can perform when the government keeps picking up the tab.

Audiences are bleeding everywhere because of the notorious and relentless undertone of politically correct, left-wing ideology.

Conservative viewpoints are shared in varying degrees by an overwhelming number of Australians – even if they vote differently.

But in-house ABC doxy is social justice lefty causes; good … traditional viewpoints; bad.

Minorities are treated with utter reverence on the ABC while Australians more broadly are rarely granted the benefit of the doubt.

Mainstream values are constantly challenged or ridiculed.

Just recently, ABC radio listeners everywhere were treated to a week-long national talks-session from Fran Kelly inviting all her gay mates onto the air to celebrate the Sydney Mardi Gras.

The show was called “Yours Queerly”.

Australians are concerned about just about everything else other than sexuality but the ABC served it up as an issue of national significance.

They are grossly out of touch.

Discussions like this usually result in an admission that the ABC does some important work with a warm concession like “where would we be without it”?

Ironically, the statistics don’t lie.

Australians already mostly live their lives without the need for the ABC – but we just keep on having to pay too much to keep the indulgence alive.

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