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ABC ‘sick and perverted’.

ADH Staff WriterMay 31, 2024

The ABC is a sick and perverted organisation run by weak and grossly out-of-touch managers.

How else could you explain what Australians are forced endure from our 100% taxpayer funded national broadcaster?

If they’re not encouraging primary school students to pick their sexuality, or listen to fairytales presented by a drag queen – they’re calling us racists or justifying the actions of Hamas terrorists.

And that’s just this week.

As tens of thousands of primary aged students gathered in classrooms for their weekly showing of ABCTV’s Behind the News (BTN), one segment left teachers lost for words and little kids with plenty of gender-bending questions.

“Hi, I’m Misha and I’m a very proud Lesbian and I use she/them pronouns”

Then, “I’m Alex and I’m Aroace and Agenda”.

Welcome to BTN’s recent IDAHOBIT episode – a fun look inside a rainbow themed high school Pride Club.

In case you’re wondering, IDAHOBIT is international day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

Behind the News - by its own description - ‘celebrated’ the sexuality and gender identity movement.

It took the 9 and 10 year-old viewers through choosing gender pronouns and all the various language codes of the scene.

The episode was rounded off warm, glossy history lesson of queer culture.

You could almost call it grooming.

Pride Club looked like a hoot. Fun for everyone.

What kid wouldn’t want to be involved?

That was the impression left on year 4 NSW state-school teacher Marion as she navigated questions from little boys and girls after the show.

“What is asexual? What is a lesbian? Am I aroace like the girl in the show?”.

For the record to be ‘aroace’ is someone who apparently feels no sexual attraction. We had to google it too!

Marion tells ADH, “what the hell are they doing talking to children about this stuff anyway?

“How do you deal with questions about this kind of stuff?”

“There wasn’t even a hint of go talk to your mum and dad”.

Teachers aren’t trained to navigate these topics at this age – probably because it shouldn’t even be in the classroom in the first place.

But the ABC thinks differently.

The ABC claims the show is prepared for “10-13 year olds and unpacks and explains news and current affairs to young people in a dynamic and creative way”.

But on the question of appropriateness, the ABC argues “some stories may not be suitable for younger children. We suggest that teachers preview the stories to ensure they are appropriate for their students.”

But hang on you sickos…. this is a show for 10 to 13 year-olds.

It’s endorsed by Education Departments around the country and specifically designed to be shown each way in class.

There’s your guideline for suitability.

It’s perverted and out of line.

No-one in ABC management steps in.

Flip over to ABC ME – the ABC’s after-school specially programmed children’s channel.

Watch the wonderful story of “First Day”.

It’s a drama about little ‘Hannah’ a twelve-year-old transgender girl going into high school.

Watch her steer her way through finding out she needs to change and her positive experience of transitioning.

You even see her awkward but very positive start to dating a young boy in her class.

If they don’t get them with fringe culture in the classroom, the ABC backs it up after school.

Arrogantly, the ABC explains; “ABC ME is a place for school-aged children to watch the best stories, news and cartoons from Australia and around the world that reflects the lives of young Aussies”.

It’s as if to say – this is all very mainstream.

ABC management once again shows little regard for other people’s children.

They just stand aside and lets this happen.

These are family issues – private issues.

Children’s sexuality and exposure should be in their own time and in line with their parents’ values.

But ABC morality makes sure they are everyone’s issues.

‘Sick and perverted’ is probably being kind.

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