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Budgeting For Even More Migrants

ADH Staff WriterMay 10, 2024

Albanese Labor wants to cut immigration from ‘far too many’ down to ‘still too many’.

This is, apparently, the Treasurer’s major gift to Australians in the upcoming Federal Budget.

What a consolation prize.

The wreckers are still going to wreck - but just a little bit less.

Journalist David Crowe in the Sydney Morning Herald reports, “the government prepares to reveal new budget forecasts showing the net migration intake will fall from 518,000 last year to about 260,000 next year”.

That’s the population equivalent of another Hobart, or another Geelong – almost the whole A.C.T.

This is what the political class calls ‘good news’.

Good news for a country that can’t keep up as it is.

Are these people nuts?

And, the hits just keep on coming …

“Father-of-three Treasurer Jim Chalmers says he would like to see Australians have more children”, blurts the Herald.

Nothing wrong with Australians having children – but please spare us the populate or perish narrative.

The People put up a “we’re full” sign long ago for this country, it’s just that the Government keeps ignoring it.

Simply, now is just not the time.

The government’s own figures show the population officially grew by a record 660,000 in the last year alone.

Record immigration accounted for more than 80% of that.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 4.05.09 PM.png

Only last month, the Bureau of Statistics published proof that permanent, long-term arrival numbers for February actually broke all-time records for the Lucky Country.

And yet;

- we still have a housing shortage crisis.

- the big cities are still congested to the point of people not coping.

- public hospitals still can’t kept up with demand.

- we’re still putting demountable classrooms on ovals in school yards to house the growing pressure on education.

Life is tough enough and yet Labor has found a way to make things harder and more expensive.

Chris Bowen’s mindless pressure on power prices. For many households, electricity bills are up 75% in two years.

But worst of all – have these people not noticed Australia has a major problem with social harmony.

Nobody wants more ugly hatreds from other lands putting pressure the peaceful life we once had.

These clowns want to bring in more people.

They want more of this.

There is no plan to really address the failings before the tide comes in.

Who’s shocked that the birth rate is falling?

It’s happening for many reasons but you don’t need an opinion poll to tell you, people just can’t afford it right now.

Even yet another Canberra housing plan won’t actually build the homes people need in time.

It’s time to stop the racket!

Australians are hurting. They’re angry and getting pissed off that their government keeps aggravating the problems.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers needs a reminder that his number one role is to “do no harm”.

It is not acceptable to just tell Australians to grin and bear it.

We are not pawns in your now very big game of social engineering.

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