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Chris Bowen: "a visionary"

ADH Staff WriterMarch 28, 2024

You’ve heard it all now … Anthony Albanese thinks Chris Bowen is a visionary.

Politicians say some stupid things in the heat of battle, but he’s hit it out of the park with his one.

“Thank goodness we have ministers with vision, like Chris Bowen”, the PM said at the media conference as the genius in question sheepishly nodded in the background.

The Prime Minister was in boasting mood as he threw a quick billion dollars of borrowed money at a plan to build solar panels in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Ironically, if Albo’s solar factory ever happens, it will sit on top of one of the world’s richest sources of reliable energy – coal, right next door to the ruins of the Liddell Power station, destroyed by government policy.

To sum up Bowen’s vision : 'Up yours to the coal industry'.

A single finger salute to cheap, reliable, and proven energy.

What a hero.

Apart from being a rolling punchline of most political jokes – Chris Bowen is arguably one of the most destructive politicians of his generation.

His list of failures should infuriate the Prime Minister but these Sydney Labor boys pick and stick.

Begs the question – why?

Surely Anthony Albanese is worldly enough to see the insult to coal mining communities of pulling down a power station regulated out of existence to build a pipe-dream solar factory.

Currently just 1% of solar panels used in Australia are made locally.

The remaining 99% mostly come from China.

Another great “vision” of Chris Bowen – make China richer.

His plan is to now compete with the Chinese.

But our energy prices are about three times China’s and wages … where do you start?

It insults your intelligence.

Just like Bowen’s hairbrained strategy sticking windmills in the sea off the NSW coast, destroying large sections of the marine environment – so he can protect …the environment.

That’s “vision” alright.

Peter Dutton put it right when he said, “Chris Bowen has failed at every ministry he’s held”.

Trouble is, the failures keep earning him promotions and costing us countless tens of billions.

Begs the question, if Chris Bowen is now a “visionary” – what’s the Prime Minister’s threshold for being incompetent?

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