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Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Pushes Father Joe Biden For President

ADH Staff WriterJuly 1, 2024

In the wake of President Joe Biden’s widely criticized debate performance, his family has rallied to encourage him to continue his re-election campaign, despite a significant drop in support among Democratic voters. Hunter Biden, the President’s son, a convicted felon, emerged as a key advocate for his father, pushing for Biden to stay in the race and demonstrate his capabilities.

According to the New York Times, Hunter Biden wants the American public to see his father as he does—scrappy and knowledgeable—rather than the faltering image presented during the debate. The family, including extended relatives, gathered for a photo session with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, signaling a united front.

Hunter Biden, who is facing his own legal challenges, was reportedly one of the strongest voices urging his father to dismiss calls within the Democratic Party and the media for him to step aside. The family and close aides believe that despite his poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump, Biden can still prove his competence for another term.

The recent CBS poll indicates a decline in support for Biden’s re-election, with only 54% of registered Democratic voters and 28% of all voters endorsing his bid for a second term. These numbers reflect a 10 and 9 percentage point drop, respectively, since the debate.

In an effort to stabilize the campaign, Biden’s aides have been working tirelessly to retain the support of major elected officials and financial backers. The President’s allies are keen to prevent any move to free up party delegates for a different candidate at the upcoming convention in Chicago.

The Biden campaign announced it had raised over $33 million since the debate, with a significant portion coming from new donors. This funding, under US campaign finance laws, can only be used to support Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, posing a major barrier to any potential change in candidate.

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