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Discontent On Home Front: Palestinian Authority Slams Iranian Ayatollah

ADH Staff WriterJune 4, 2024
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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas sharply criticised Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on Monday, condemning his comments that the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas was timely for the region. Abbas’s office accused Khamenei of seeking to “sacrifice Palestinian blood.”

Khamenei had praised the attack, suggesting it disrupted plans by the U.S., Zionist elements, and regional allies to change the region’s dynamics. This statement comes as the Palestinian Authority, which has limited control over the West Bank, faces unpopularity compared to the militant group Hamas.

The Iranian regime has publicly backed Hamas, framing itself as part of the “Axis of Resistance” against Israel and U.S. influence in the Middle East. This alliance includes Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi movement in Yemen, various Shi’ite armed groups in Iraq, and Syria.

Abbas countered Khamenei’s remarks, asserting that Palestinians do not need wars that fail to achieve freedom and independence. He emphasised that such conflicts only result in Palestinian bloodshed without leading to an independent state.

Amidst these tensions, doubts have arisen about a proposed Gaza ceasefire and hostage release plan outlined by U.S. President Joe Biden. Despite Biden’s presentation of a three-phase plan aiming to end the conflict and reconstruct Gaza without Hamas in power, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office reaffirmed their commitment to continue military operations until Hamas is dismantled.

Israeli government spokesman David Mencer quoted Netanyahu, indicating that Biden’s outline was “partial” and any ceasefire would be temporary, focused solely on the return of hostages.

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