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Elon Musk or Albanese. Who do you trust more?

ADH Staff WriterApril 23, 2024

It comes down to this - who do you trust more Anthony Albanese or Elon Musk?

No-one is quite sure who said it first – but Australian politicians live by the matra: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Almost everything we are witnessing proves this reflex is deep in all their DNA.

Few were shocked when Albanese activate the government’s censorship machine over (Twitter) but when conservative Peter Dutton backed central policing of information .. it’s time to assume the brace position.

Having powerful nanny-state bureaucrats and idealogues try to rule what’s true and what’s not should have you very nervous.

But when they drift into what you can see or even talk about – that’s just frightening.

It’s too simple to say, this is all just about removing “harmful material”.

Give an inch here and they’ll take a mile – and drag you into court to get their way.

When the Left, the Right, the Independent and Fringe-Dwellers in the Parliament all agree … watch out.

They are uniting around censorship just like they united around COVID lockdowns and vaccines.

Even the Parliament’s occasional class clown Senator Jackie Lambie has chosen - quite unusually - to go with the flow.

Speaking of Elon Musk, she’s said;

“Quite frankly the bloke should be jailed, and the sooner that we can bring rules in or do something about this sort of game playing with our social media, the better off we’re going to be,”

“Leaving videos out for our kids to see, the bloke has no conscience. He’s an absolute friggin’ disgrace, and there’s nothing else to say about Elon Musk.”

Jailing Elon Musk over a video of something other people posted?

Really Jackie?

Ironically, everything she’s talking about regularly runs on the TV news, on morning shows, in primetime and on websites around the world.

If you’re worried about “the kids seeing it” … that horse bolted days ago.

As the Left does when its arguments run out of steam, Mr Albanese has got personal.

“Elon Musk is an arrogant, out of touch billionaire who is driven by ego, who thinks his riches should allow him to operate above the law”, Mr Albanese claimed.

Mr Musk’s point is – all arrogance in this debate is relative.

What would you call a government that thinks it can activate laws that effectively claim “authority over all countries on Earth”?

It’s a fair point.

Australians wouldn’t tolerate the politics of Indonesia, Malaysia, or Saudi Arabia to dictate their lives.

Why should these countries and the rest have to put up with Albo's?

Quite rightly, thinking people strenuously resist any government that aims to control what we see and read.

The Sydney church terrorist stabbing was a shocking real event.

The video is not Al-Qaeda propaganda. It’s an ‘accidental account’ of what really occurred. It was posted by people who witnessed it. It’s a snapshot of time.

And whether Albanese likes it or not, a terrorist attack in peaceful Australia is an ugly chapter in our history.

It should be a red flag to act but his instinct is to make it appear to go away.

Hiding the brutality just helps downplay the reality of the threat from Radical Islam in our civilised society.

But Albanese’s sinister intention is to gloss over the real issue here.

What happened is a by-product of his government’s out of control immigration.

These are failures that have imported problems into what was a harmonious society.

They’re failures that cannot be forgiven or allowed to be hidden.

So. who do you trust more to decided what truth you can handle?

Anthony Albanese or Elon Musk?

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