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Elon Musk Shames E-Karen And The Australian Media

ADH Staff WriterMay 13, 2024
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Dear Australia and the world,

You are still free from the censorship arrogance of Albanese and his e-Karen e-Safety Commissioner … for now.

When even the usually-progressive Federal Court rules against their attempted on-line suppression, you know they’ve massively overreached.

This might be a victory for Elon Musk’s but it’s also a win against government getting too big for its boots - in a climate when freedom of expression and cancel culture is already working overtime against the truth.

It’s embarrassing that the government of a country that likes to hold itself up as one of the world’s bastions of freedom would even go down this path at all.

Worst still – shame on the lemmings in the media and on talkback radio who actually supported e-Karen’s action.

It’s exposed the underlying truth about the political Left and its tendencies to support totalitarianism.

And how incredibly ironic.

How often do they run around accusing the United States of wanting to be the world’s policeman?

It’s ‘their mate’ Comrade Albo and his bureaucrats who tried to lead the world, playing the same game.

Fighting for censorship would be considered a great achievement for Communist China – but Australia?

Don’t forget, China still suppresses the publishing the pictures about Tiananmen Square and the resistance of students protesting in Hong Kong.

Australia came close to pulling off the same despotic achievement.

It’s a shame that it took a multibillionaire from another country to stage the fight - and call the government out.

You would have hoped the Australian media might have done this a long time ago.

Instead, many just went along in the back seat for the ride.

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