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Four Presidents Converged on the Empire State Last Week, but Only One Mattered

Peggy GrandeApril 10, 2024

There have been two defining moments thus far in the 2024 US Presidential election cycle which I’m sure the Democrats wish they could retract. But they can’t. They revealed themselves in the most transparent, and loathsome way. Voters won’t forget.

The first one occurred last month on MSNBC’s election coverage of Super Tuesday. Hosts Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid were mocking the exit polling which showed that concern over illegal immigration was the number one issue to voters – even in Virginia. From their secure studio enclave, they all laughed when Maddow said, “Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia.” While they might be laughing – America is not. This is the defining issue of the election. The electorate knows who created and is perpetuating the problem. And they know who has promised to fix it – again. They will remember this when they go to vote later this year.

The second watershed moment occurred last week when four Presidents of the United States converged on the Empire State. But only one mattered. President Biden invited former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to join him at a star-studded fundraising event, which raked in a whopping $26M for the Biden campaign war chest. Late-night show comedian Stephen Colbert moderated the evening’s conversation, with appearances by Lizzo and Queen Latifah. Ticket prices started at $250 and went up to $500K. Vogue Magazine gushed about the evening as being “a compelling conversation between Biden, Obama, and Clinton with tact, grace, and a lot of laughter.” New Yorkers, however, are not laughing. Their city is in a freefall of decline under Democratic leadership.

Across town, there was a wake being held for slain NYPD Officer, Jonathan Diller, who was murdered during a routine traffic stop by a man who had been arrested 21 times previously. Yet due to New York’s soft-on-crime policies, this criminal was still on the streets of NY, which allowed him to commit this heinous act. Diller leaves behind a wife and one year old son. President Trump flew from Florida to attend the wake and offer comfort to Officer Diller’s friends and family. Biden couldn’t be bothered to drive across town to do the same.

Trump consoling the grief and tears of the NYPD and hugging and praying with Diller’s family and friends in his Long Island community was a stark contrast to the elite frivolity of the Radio City Music Hall Biden re-election fundraiser. If ever there was a symbolic contrast of truth, last Thursday gave America a side by side look at the stark choice they will be making in November.

Rarely do I agree with the Reverend Al Sharpton, but he spoke truth that the Democrats needed to hear following the revelatory events in New York. He said Biden was, “leaving the door open for working class voters to back his predecessor (Trump).” He continued that Biden, “should have also done something to connect with people. The average person in New York dealing with being afraid of the subway or dealing with a policeman being killed didn’t relate to a glitzy thing.” Amen Revered Sharpton. He added that Biden needed to “make them understand that you understand them.” Joe Biden didn’t. And hasn’t.

If Joe Biden and the Democratic Party continue to mock the pain which their open border policies are inflicting upon Americans – even those far from border states – and don’t respond with empathy and compassion to those endangered or harmed by their soft on crime policies, their polling will continue to reflect the disconnect and distrust which voters feel for them. And if the Democrats continue to salivate over, serve, and salute the wealthy elites, but don’t salute the flag or salute fallen heroes, then Americans will vote for someone who will.

America has a very clear and contrasting choice to make at the ballot box in November. Do they want four more years of being endangered and mocked by Biden and company? Or do they want to bring back four more years of President Trump who cares about their safety, will stand up for We The People, and will salute the fallen on behalf of us all?

Peggy Grande was executive assistant to Ronald Reagan and is author of “The President Will See You Now.” She served in the Trump Administration and is an international television commentator and columnist.

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