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Holier Than Thou ABC Has Sexual Harassment, Bullying Issues At Home

ADH Staff WriterJune 6, 2024
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The ABC which has run constant coverage of alleged sexual harassment allegations at Channel Nine have been rocked by a larger scandal in their own backyard.

Almost 100 ABC staff members have reported experiencing sexual harassment at work.

A further 186 employees claim to have been bullied, according to a confidential survey conducted within the public broadcaster’s news division.

The alarming results have plunged the organisation into a fresh crisis, prompting calls for significant cultural change.

ABC managing director David Anderson has responded to the findings by demanding a shift in the organisation’s culture and warning that serious consequences will follow for staff members who have behaved unacceptably.

The internal survey, carried out by the Australian National University’s Social Research Centre in the second half of 2023, invited anonymous feedback from ABC newsroom staff. A total of 745 news employees participated in the survey, with females comprising two-thirds of respondents.

The survey revealed that 13 per cent of respondents, amounting to 97 staff members, claimed to have experienced sexual harassment while working in the ABC news division or in locations associated with work.

Furthermore, 25 per cent of respondents, equating to 186 staff members, reported experiencing bullying at the ABC. The most commonly identified behaviours were intimidation, belittling, and humiliating comments.


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