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Inside Twiggy Forrest's Renewable Disaster

ADH Staff WriterMarch 22, 2024
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ADH TV has received exclusive footage of the Clarke Creek wind farm in Queensland, called 'The largest renewable development in the southern hemisphere'. The video, revealed on Nick Cater's Reality Bites program on Thursday, shows the forest of Clarke Creek being carved up to accommodate over a hundred 200-meter-tall wind turbines.

The forests of Clarke Creek, according to expert Steven Nowakowski, are of similar ecological importance to the Chalumbin rainforest, the site of another wind power development. The criss-crossing, 20-meter-wide access roads that are cut out of the forest are said to severely affect local wildlife, especially the koala population. The runoff from the access roads is also expected to adversely affect local farming and fire regimes.

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, the green billionaire behind the project, has stated that he has not received government funding for the development, and that his projects are supporting local jobs. James Ashby, One Nation Candidate and local told Reality Bites that local engineering and electrical firms had been denied work on the project, and that very few locals had been engaged for work.

Forrest has been working alongside federal energy minister Chris 'Blackout' Bowen on these developments, to power an adventure into Hydrogen power plants. It is not confirmed whether Forrest's wind projects have received taxpayer funding, but his Hydrogen project has.

The fate of Clarke Creek, Chalumbin and Moah Creek wind projects remain at the desk of federal environment minister Tanya Plibersek.

You can watch the footage on Nick Cater's Reality Bites here on ADH.TV, including Nick Cater's interviews with James Ashby and Steven Nowakowski.

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