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“Like a scene from Game of Thrones”: Protestors attack Abbott & Kisin event

ADH Staff WriterMarch 6, 2024
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ADH TV cameras captured the moment that protesters at Sydney University attempted to bang down the doors at an event held by the university's Conservative Club. The agitators were protesting the presence of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and British social commentator Konstantin Kisin in the Great Hall.

Kisin was making an address on the origins of wokeness when he was interrupted by protesters bashing on a side door of the hall. Kisin remarked, "This is like a scene from 'Game of Thrones'!" Campus security moved to secure the door and prevented any new entrants out of concern for the former prime minister's safety.

Footage of protesters outside the hall showed chants of "Tony Abbott go to hell" and "Build a bonfire and put Abbott on the top."

In 2022, Malcolm Turnbull was escorted from the campus after protesters overran an event at the university's legal society. Two students were later suspended over the altercation. In 2015, demonstrators against then-Education Minister Chris Pyne were capsicum sprayed after a brick was thrown through a window where Pyne was speaking. In 2014, Pyne had to be 'smuggled' onto the campus over similar security concerns.

The event, which can be watched in full on ADH TV, included addresses from both Abbott and Kisin, and a Q&A hosted by the club's president, Freya Leach. The pair discussed their experiences in the education system and took questions on foreign policy.

The event can be watched for free on ADH TV by Clicking Here

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