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Next Attack On Israel Will Be ‘Complete Victory’ Say Iran

ADH Staff WriterJuly 3, 2024

A senior Iranian general announced on Monday that the Islamic Republic is prepared to launch another significant attack on Israel, echoing its large-scale missile and drone strike from April.

Brigadier-General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) aerospace forces, made this statement during a meeting with families of Hamas terrorists killed in Gaza.

“We await an opportunity for ‘True Promise II’ … in which I do not know how many missiles will be fired,” Hajizadeh told the family members, who were visiting Iran. He stated that Iran’s next attack would result in a complete victory for the Palestinian people.

“True Promise” refers to the April 13 attack on Israel, which included over 300 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and suicide drones. This attack was claimed by Tehran as retaliation for the assassination of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the Quds Force commander in Syria and Lebanon, by Israel on April 1.

Hajizadeh’s declaration follows recent threats from Iran to destroy Israel if it engages in a full-scale war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations stated on social media: “Albeit Iran deems as psychological warfare the Zionist regime’s propaganda about intending to attack Lebanon, should it embark on full-scale military aggression, an obliterating war will ensue. All options, including the full involvement of all Resistance Fronts, are on the table.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded to the threat, stating: “If Hezbollah does not cease its fire and withdraw from southern Lebanon, we will act against it with full force until security is restored and residents can return to their homes. A regime that threatens destruction deserves to be destroyed.”


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