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Poll Reveals Most Palestinian Support Hamas

ADH Staff WriterJune 18, 2024

Khalil Shikaki, a Palestinian pollster has released data indicating significant support for Hamas, showing 61% of Palestinians currently are in favour of Hamas.

A recent poll by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) has highlighted strong support for Hamas, particularly in Gaza, and increased satisfaction with its leadership since December.

According to the PSR poll, a significant 65% of all Palestinians, including 76% in the West Bank and 50% in Gaza, expressed satisfaction with Sinwar’s performance during the war. Additionally, 67% of Palestinians, with 57% in Gaza, believed Hamas’s decision to launch its October 7 attack on Israel was correct, with only 26% opposing it.

Furthermore, 75% of Palestinians, and 64% in Gaza, reported satisfaction with Hamas’s conduct during the war, despite the severe repercussions and devastation in Gaza. When asked about political party preferences, 40% of Palestinians favoured Hamas, compared to 20% for Fatah, with Hamas outpolling Fatah 38% to 24% in Gaza.

Contrary to some international perspectives, only 16% of Palestinians supported the idea of a revitalised Palestinian Authority (PA) taking over Gaza, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with current PA leadership.

A staggering 89% of Palestinians wanted President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, with this sentiment even higher in the West Bank at 94%. Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa’s approval was similarly low, with just 9% of Palestinians, and only 6% in Gaza, satisfied with his performance.

The poll also revealed limited support for a two-state solution, with only 32% of Palestinians in favour, a number consistent in both Gaza and the West Bank. When considering alternatives, 22% supported abandoning the two-state solution for a one-state solution, while 49% preferred “popular non-resistance.” A notable 62% advocated for dissolving the PA, and 63% endorsed an “armed intifada.”

Reflecting the harsh reality of ongoing conflict, 54% of respondents, including 56% in Gaza, viewed armed struggle as the most effective means to achieve Palestinian goals of ending the occupation and establishing an independent state. In contrast, only 25% believed negotiations were the best path forward.

Interestingly, three-quarters of the respondents opposed a Saudi-Israeli normalisation deal, even if it included provisions for a Palestinian state. Despite the lack of enthusiasm for normalisation, there was significant appreciation for Yemen’s actions during the war, with 80% of Palestinians expressing satisfaction with Yemen’s performance. Satisfaction with Hezbollah was at 57%, while only 18% were satisfied with Egypt.

This polling data challenges several assumptions held by international actors, including the Biden administration, about Palestinian political preferences and the feasibility of a two-state solution.

The findings indicate Palestinian People are not ready for any compromise.

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