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Pro-Palestinian Agitators Storm Israeli Consulate

ADH Staff WriterJune 4, 2024
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Anti-Israel agitators occupied the Israeli consulate in San Francisco on Monday, demanding the liberation of “all of Palestine” and claiming they are targeting “right-wing white nationalist” Zionist organizations. The protesters entered the building, voicing their opposition to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

The demonstrators, who wore masks, carried pride flags, and held up signs, called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. In a social media post, a woman with a bullhorn declared their intent to confront all “Zionist” organizations, including those they accused of defending Israel.

In response, Consul General Marco Sermoneta issued a statement condemning the occupation. “We are appalled, but not surprised, at the attempt by a handful of pro-Hamas rioters to violently compromise our ability to operate as a diplomatic mission. They will not succeed,” he said. Sermoneta’s statement also accused the protesters of previously celebrating violence against Israelis and contributing to an unsafe environment for Jews in the Bay Area. He expressed gratitude to the San Francisco Police Department for their swift action and assured that the consulate would continue its operations as usual.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after being notified of the occupation. The protesters chanted slogans and displayed a “Zionism Kills” banner as law enforcement approached the building.

The activist group behind the occupation released a statement on social media, declaring, “A collective of over a hundred SF Bay Area people of conscience are taking over the Israeli consulate in San Francisco in response to international solidarity call from students in Gaza. Linking arms, unfurling large banners and art, and filling the lobby with chants, we will remain until arrested to continue to condemn the ongoing genocide in Palestine.”

This occupation occurred against the backdrop of the Israeli army’s operations in Rafah, aimed at eliminating the remaining Hamas forces

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