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Queensland anti-woke wave swamps Labor/Greens

Gary HardgraveMarch 20, 2024

Most Queenslanders are practical people and they have a great bull dust detector most every time they vote.

Last year outer metropolitan and regional Queensland voted the Voice Referendum out and registered an enormous 70% No votes in traditional Labor heartland areas.

While inner city elites spat out their mung beans and their lattes and took to the road in their Teslas and Leafs to try and ignore the result, people in regional and outer suburban struggle streets rejoiced over the Voice vote.

Well it’s happened again, so when will Labor learn their romancing of the stoned, the inner city green types is losing them votes hand over fist.

It’s a tale of two electorates all over again.. The same areas which voted against the Voice turned against Labor last weekend in Queensland in two by elections caused by resignations of two Labor State MPs as well as the massive Brisbane City Council election.

In the battler belt electorate of Inala in Brisbane’s south west outskirts, Labor’s primary vote dropped by 30% echoing the stark No vote of last October. After preferences, Labor will still hold the safest Labor seat in Queensland which was held by Annastacia Palaszckuk and her father for 40 years.

A little further west in the Brisbane hinterland electorate of Ipswich West a seat filled with tradies and their utes, a massive 18 percent swing away from Labor saw the Liberal National Party win a previously safe Labor seat.

The results mirror the solid anti-woke votes at the Voice Poll last October and shows how an increasingly out of touch Labor Party is being dispatched by their traditional support base.

On the same day the significant Brisbane City Council Election was held. The Lord Mayor of Brisbane is elected city wide by over 800 thousand electors, and theres 26 Ward electorates, roughly the same size as state electorates.

For the past eight years 19 were held by the Liberal National Party, just 5 by Labor, one Liberal independent and one Green.

Liberal Campbell Newman won the Lord Mayoralty in 2004 and formed a majority Liberal Council in 2008. Last Saturday was the first time the Liberal National Party lost a seat in 28 years. Compared to Labor and the chaos of the Greens, the LNP Council Team has been a stable and reliable administration.

Over the years, the Party has rejuvenated the Mayoralty and Team, and despite 20 years in office, stared down the “It’s Time” factor to win an another outer metro Ward (Wynnum-Manly) from Labor. Some other extremely marginal seats are in doubt.

The inner city Paddington ward was targeted by the Greens (they hold the local federal and state seats) and Labor look a chance in marginal Northgate an inner northside seat adjoining a safe Labor ward which erupted in a scandal involving the LNP Candidate.

An uber marginal outer metro southside LNP ward (Calamvale) looks likely to fall to Labor due to a sizeable Muslim voting cohort which registered a vote for the Greens over Gaza.

Despite these likely setbacks the LNP Brisbane City Council Team benefitted from the growing anti-woke sentiment against Labor and the Greens.

Predictions of a Green wave stealing five or six seats (Wards) never materialised as more and more people took the opportunity of the weekend election events to strongly vote against Labor and their policy settings designed more to cater for inner city elites and the international climate agenda.

Aspirational ute owning working Australians want safe neighbourhoods, reliable health systems and real cost of living relief. While Labor and the Greens policy setting seek to grow reliance on Government handouts and bandaids, Queenslanders recognise there is a better way.

Crime, particularly youth crime is rampant. Labor voters are angry over the woke “blame society” approach of the current government. Basic health services are failing, road traffic congestion is getting worse, the price of electricity has doubled in a state which a generation ago had the cheapest electricity in the world and plenty of it.

Labor has forgotten the impact of their woke policies on the people. Outer metro and regional people especially are hurt by Labor’s rampant ambition to appease Inner City Green elites with more and more solar panels and wind farms across agricultural land and pristine countryside.

Queenslanders know how important continued and enhance use of their marvellous coal and gas deposits is the best way to keep electricity prices cheap.

Older Queenslanders remember electricity was so cheap and plentiful a few decades ago, Government subsidised air conditioners and expanded electric rail to Rockhampton all to use the oversupply of electricity being generated

Queenslanders can be trusted to stare down Labor’s arrogance and woke stupidity every time they vote.

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