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The Democrats Doom Loop

Peggy GrandeMay 29, 2024

The strategy for Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is like spaghetti being thrown against the wall, seeing if any noodles stick. Rather than running a traditional campaign in which the candidate formulates a vision for the nation and then goes coast to coast over several months to share that vision with the American people and inspire them to participate, Biden and his team are instead determined to win by eliminating the competition. Joe is hoping if he can be the last man standing that will be good enough. His plan appears to be backfiring.

Calling Trump a Russian asset didn’t work, but in fact it was discovered that the Biden family was politically in bed with and benefitting from a relationship with Russia.

Accusing Trump of election interference is a tough sell when Biden and his administration are trying to keep Trump off the ballot in several states and are keeping him tied up in the courtroom and off the campaign trail, thereby interfering with the upcoming election.

Fear-mongering that Trump is a threat to democracy also seems hypocritical since the left is ensuring free speech is taken away from the Republican presumptive nominee. His First Amendment Constitutional right of free speech has been removed from him due to the New York court case judge’s gag order rulings and fines. This sure seems like more of a threat to our sacred democracy than anything Trump has done or said.

And the left’s plan to entangle Trump legally in multiple states simultaneously to keep him off the campaign trail and tie him up in court, also appears to be backfiring. The longer he is in court, the more his poll numbers – and his fundraising – continue to rise. The more Joe Biden is alone on the campaign trail the more his frailty and foibles are evident.

The crazier the accusations from the left against Trump, the more the average American thinks it is indeed the left that is crazy.

So now the Democrats face a conundrum. As the other court cases against Donald Trump are eroding, the more it appears that the current New York case is the only one which will be completed before the election. Their lawfare spaghetti was thrown into the court system and this case is the only one which has stuck so far. And barely.

The flimsy legal undergirding of the case exposes the political bias which brought it forth in the first place. The parade of prosecution witnesses has not really helped the prosecution’s case, but instead has just wasted time by revealing unrelated, and even salacious, details which have nothing to do with the crime – which, itself, has yet to be articulated.

The longer the trial goes on, the more ridiculous the case seems. Everyone is seeing it, but only the opinions of the twelve jurors matter. It can be assumed that the judge’s jury instructions at the beginning of jury deliberations will be biased, skewed, and slanted in a predictable way to get a guilty verdict. Perhaps New York will surprise us with at least one honest and brave juror who will say no to this nonsense.

If the left thought their ideas and policies were better, they would run on those.

If the left truly believed that Donald Trump was unhinged and a threat to Democracy, they would want him to speak all day every day – even on their networks – to expose himself as the fraud or charlatan they claim he is.

If the left wanted democracy to prevail, they would lay off the lawfare and run a clean race, including debates, and let the American people decide for themselves who will lead them in true democratic fashion.

If the left were confident in their candidate, they would highlight him, not focus all their efforts on undercutting the opponent.

If the left was clear on their solutions to America’s problems they would articulate them boldly.

Yet since the left’s only platform is anti-Trump and they are so afraid of the American people hearing Trump speak and allowing them to make their own decisions about who to elect as their 47th president, they are willing to unlawfully accuse, try, and detain him in court, it’s all they have.

The democrats can’t run on their ideas, their policies, or the strength or results of their leadership. It has failed in every metric. So, they’re left with the same tired playbook of Trump is bad, abortion is good, America is bad, but illegal immigrants (aka “newcomers”) are good. Then throw in for old times sake that Republicans want to take away your Social Security, your healthcare, and repeal gay marriage. Play on a loop 24/7. Repeat.

When the Democrats are throwing everything at this election besides integrity, the truth, and good ideas, no wonder they’re worried that nothing is sticking. They’re throwing everything they can at the electorate prior to November, hoping something will stick.

Peggy Grande was executive assistant to Ronald Reagan and is author of “The President Will See You Now.” She served in the Trump Administration and is an international television commentator and columnist.

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