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The Left Focuses on Rhetoric, Not Results

Peggy GrandeMarch 26, 2024

Paul Kelly recently asked in The Australian, “Who Do You Believe: Tony Abbott or Donald Trump?” I believe both – but I do not believe Paul Kelly. He is wrong in his analysis of Donald Trump being a threat to both America and the world – it is Joe Biden who is the true threat. Kelly is just parroting liberal media talking points without looking at the facts.

Paul Kelly is acting like a sheep, following the sycophants in the mainstream US media, who refuse to actually listen to Donald Trump. Instead, they take the easy path and just demonize him, which is easier than exposing the lies of the left and the failed policies of Biden who has made life more expensive, more dangerous, and more chaotic globally.

It is easy to declare Trump the villain. It is more difficult to analyze his words and think objectively which requires independent, objective thought and bravery – which are lacking in most of the media world today.

Donald Trump is not difficult to understand. In fact, he is plain spoken and talks directly to his audiences with transparency and connectivity which makes his supporters ferociously loyal to him. He speaks to Americans with respect. They feel that he sees them, hears their concerns, and is doing his best to lessen their suffering. He tries to alleviate their fears, not escalate them. He sees himself as one of them, not better than them, and they love him for it.

The liberal press tries so hard to twist and misconstrue Trump’s words. They are always looking for the hidden meaning, a secret phrase which they think will subliminally call his supporters to action, or “code words” which they accuse him of using to incite activism and escalate it into violence. Though this never has happened, they stir up fear in the nation and the world by promising their sinister interpretation is what he meant. Even if it’s not what he said.

The left instinctively boomerangs back to January 6, saying Trump caused an insurrection, even though his only words to his supporters marching over to the Capitol building were to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Trump’s words are dissected endlessly, while Joe Biden’s blatant lies and incoherent mumblings are given a pass. But this is what the left does. They focus on the rhetoric – while dismissing the results. The American people see through it.

We saw Joe Biden walk back his use of the word “illegal” to describe Laken Riley’s killer, apologizing for using the wrong word to describe him, yet never apologizing that his policies allowed this killer into the country in the first place, causing the murder of an innocent young woman.

By contrast last week we saw Donald Trump’s use of the word “bloodbath” wildly taken out of context. The radical left media declared he was secretly calling “extreme MAGA Republicans” to rise up in violence if he lost the election. Anyone honest knows he was specifically talking about the decline of the auto industry under Joe Biden and was criticized mercilessly for stating the truth. While there was outrage over the word “bloodbath”, there was no outrage over what Joe Biden has done to the US auto industry and his killing of countless American jobs with his EV folly.

The anger directed at Trump’s rhetoric is intentional – attempting to cover up the results of liberal policies which are ruining America and destabilizing the world. For Paul Kelly and others, I suggest they actually listen to Donald Trump’s words, look at his record, and then accurately evaluate and interpret his words instead of running to cheap, hysterical, and unfounded hyperbole.

Peggy Grande was executive assistant to Ronald Reagan and is author of “The President Will See You Now.” She served in the Trump Administration and is an international television commentator and columnist.

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