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The ‘Trump’ Card: Joe Biden

Peggy GrandeApril 30, 2024

In 2020 when Donald Trump was running for President, many believe that if he had said less, tweeted with more discipline, and not been so personal with his verbal attacks on others, he would have returned to the Oval Office for another four years. We know that didn’t happen.

Conversely, Joe Biden was elected in 2020 because the American electorate did not see much of his engagement with voters, hear from him much, or have many opportunities to observe his vigor (or lack thereof). Basement zoom calls, car rallies, and small group conversations in awkward socially distanced circles convinced enough voters to believe that Biden was up to the job, could be a unifier as promised, and would end the “Trump chaos.” We know that didn’t happen either.

So, reversing the roles in 2024, we have Trump being silenced and sidelined, while Joe Biden is out campaigning and speaking to voters. This reversal of the 2020 election strategy could also reverse the 2020 election result. The highly orchestrated courtroom political lawfare strategy is precisely the scenario the Democrats and the Biden campaign wanted, but they must be rethinking this strategy. It is not working. In fact, it is creating the opposite result of what they intended.

By layering case after case against him, essentially the Biden White House is preventing Donald Trump from campaigning. That, coupled with a gag order from the judge, Trump has, in essence, been relegated to a basement campaign. Yet much to the chagrin of the Democrats, Trump’s poll numbers and fundraising continue to rise. It appears the voters don’t need to see more of Donald Trump on the campaign trail to want to see more of him in the Oval Office.

The opposite is happening on the left. The more Joe Biden is on the campaign trail alone, the more his blunders, gaffes, and frailty are on full display, highlighted without the contrast of an opponent campaigning side by side. He is under the microscope more, not less, when he is the only candidate on the campaign trail. The more people see and hear Joe Biden, the less they support him. His team has brought a singular spotlight onto him – and he is not up to the scrutiny.

Simple economics says that limited supply increases demand. This works in Trump’s favor as his brief and limited appearances have created frenzied enthusiasm amongst his supporters. He recently stopped by a NYC bodega to meet the owner who had been a victim of NY street crime. Large crowds organically and quickly gathered outside and yelled “We Love You Trump,” “Four More Years,” and “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” Contrast that with small, unenthusiastic crowds who show up to attend Joe Biden’s campaign speeches. Perhaps Team Biden wants to limit the number of Trump’s campaign appearances so they have an excuse to limit Biden’s.

The relatability and likeability comparison between the two candidates is striking. When Donald Trump recently visited a Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta, he was not only warmly welcome by the staff, but restaurant patrons rushed over to hug him and take pictures with him. They were excited, engaging, and supportive. When Biden tried to replicate Trump’s CFA success and stopped by a convenience store, Biden wandered around like a lost child and everyone just stared at him like he was a zoo animal. It was stiff, awkward, and did not help his image or his campaign.

This dynamic will not improve for Joe Biden and the more he is out and about, the more tired and lost he looks. This week he read off his teleprompter the word (PAUSE) which was meant to signal him to pause his speaking, not read the word. The more campaigning Biden does, the more concerned the American voters become. It appears that Biden’s plan to tie Donald Trump up in court is working perfectly – but not for Joe Biden – it is working for Donald Trump.

Peggy Grande was executive assistant to Ronald Reagan and is author of “The President Will See You Now.” She served in the Trump Administration and is an international television commentator and columnist.

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