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Trump Was Right About Haiti

ADH Staff WriterMarch 15, 2024

A cannibal now rules in Port-au-Prince, a man named Jimmy Cherisier, or as he is known to locals, ‘Barbecue’. Barbecue is seemingly the last-standing political figure in Haiti, as gangs run Prime Minister Ariel Henry out of the country, stage a prison break and seize the national palace.

Since its founding, Haiti has been in an unending state of violence, suspended only by outside intervention. The end of the Haitian revolution of 1804 was marked by the slaughter of every person in the country with European ancestry. Pauses in the constant political strife are brought solely by leaders brutal enough to inflict mass murder on their opposition.

Haiti is the only ethnically homogeneous country in the Americas. It has received, in foreign aid and donations, more money than Western Europe received in the Marshall plan (nominally). It has had U.S. Most-Favoured Nation status since 1950. It has enjoyed an implicit security guarantee from the U.S. for over 100 years.

Why, then, is this nation so incapable of development? President Donald Trump seems to understand instinctively. Trump lumped Haiti in with Africa in his 2018 ‘Sh*thole’ comments. “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” he said.

Isn’t he right?

Haiti was forced into a massive debt by the French following the revolution and would suffer foreign interference from domineering powers during the age of Victorian colonialism. But that was a hundred years ago.

Today, despite the best efforts of the United States and United Nations, Haiti remains incapable of sustaining government. A simple conclusion that can be drawn, therefore, is that the Haitian people themselves are incapable of self-government. The Leftist ‘Western Colonialism’ theory does not stand up to scrutiny in the case of Haiti.

The Haiti case reveals the harsh reality of the disparity in national development – Countries are, for the most part, a reflection of the nature of the people that constitute them.

President Trump’s thinking is only natural - ‘If Haitians can’t develop Haiti, why should I believe that they will develop America?’

Luis Abinader, known as the ‘Trump of Dominica’ has the same instinct. Abinader, after ascending to the presidency of the Dominican Republic, is doing what Trump couldn’t. Abinader has stepped up Dominica’s mass deportation policy, removing hundreds of thousands of Haitians since 2020.

Who would know better about the nature of Haitians than their only island neighbour? If the Dominican Republic don’t want Haitians to the point of deportation, why would any Western Nation want them?

President Trump has promised “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.” The American people are hoping he follows through.

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