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What’s it going to take Australia?

ADH Staff WriterApril 17, 2024

Radical Islam and a civilised, peaceful society don’t mix.

What’s it going to take for our so-called leadership to finally get it?

If a frenzied, mindless, live-broadcast stabbing inside a Church doesn’t send the message

loud and clear – perhaps the thousand-strong lynch mob outside waiting to deliver swift justice to the terrorist might just hammer it home.

Australia has big problems and peace-loving Australians want their country back.

They don’t want the problems of the world dragged into cultural spot fires in the suburbs.

It is way past the time to wake up.

This has long-been a ‘multi-racial country’.

The bureaucracy loves to speak of the virtues of the rich tapestry of some 270 ancestries.

Overwhelmingly, people get on.

But there’s a fast-growing group who appear to have no interest in joining the harmony club.

To be clear – this is not about the Muslim faith – the problem is Radical Islam.

Fundamentalism is fast growing and being allowed to fester with the protection of a policy of ultra-tolerance.

If you speak out against it, you risk personal safety.

If you criticise it, tread carefully for fear of prosecution.

Politicians boast about the success of “multiculturalism”, but they’re very quick to gloss over some of its destructive and dangerous failures.

A Muslim terrorist attack inside the devout Christian “Good Shepherd” church in the heart of Sydney’s south-west sums up the problem.

These things used to happen on TV and elsewhere. Now they happen in Australia.

We’ve allowed tribalism with all its ancient hatreds to transplant itself Down-Under.

The Prime Minister and Premier can preach all they like about “the need for cohesiveness” but the biggest impediment to it happening is the capacity to speak the one language.

Governments actually encourage enclave living.

It’s quite possible to exist and transact in Australia – even drive a car and live entirely on welfare – without ever needing to speak or write a word of English.

Incredibly, even the road rules are offered translated into 66 different languages.

Through common language comes the development of common values, mutual respect, and an ability to get along.

It’s about fitting in.

Here’s another problem – the constant mantra that all cultures are equal.

People are equal but all cultures are not.

We should be aiming to pull everyone into the Australian Culture – freedom, peacefulness, equality of men and woman, respect for the rule of law are all great virtues.

But a culture that encourages a teenager to stab another religious leader in the name of his god should never be tolerated.

It’s place is elsewhere – NOT here.

Australia has long tolerated the growing fear of this situation.

Similarly, a culture that treats women as second-class citizens should not be tolerated – the same as one that teaches hatreds and calls for death to non-believers.

These are not isolated cases. Ask the Melbourne and Sydney Jewish communities how safe they feel.

Radical Islam is a permanent threat.

What is the point of relentlessly importing people to a country if they never intend “fit in” – to integrate?

Ultra-tolerance will be Australia’s undoing.

Just in case you think that’s still a long way off – the sad news is it’s now your problem too.

It’s here and its now.

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