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Why Labor Is Rewarding the Hamas Terrorists

ADH Staff WriterApril 10, 2024
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Does Anthony Albanese seriously want to reward Hamas for its horrific terrorism on Israel?

Dress it up how you like, but that’s the underlying message went you dance with the ‘give them what they want’ solution for the situation in Gaza.

There’s no accident in this message.

Penny Wong’s badly timed suggestion that peace will only come when you have "a Palestinian state" is a major shift for Australia.

It would be music to the jihadi ears of Hamas.

Australia, like most western-democracies, has always sworn it does not negotiate with terrorists.

So, what’s this?

Why has Penny Wong engaged in university campus-grade stupidity?

Follow the votes, follow the money.

It’s a blatant play for Muslim votes at a time Labor can’t get anything right.

In the socially challenged, Islam dominated pockets of Melbourne and Sydney and the Greens-voting inner suburbs, Labor is constantly accused of sitting on the fence of the Gaza issue.

Now they're picked a side.

Politics wins over morality - and ignores the 129 hostages and the memories of those killed in the massacre.

Robert Gregory from the Australian Jewish Association has described the position as “an ugly betrayal of the Jewish community”.

He’s not wrong.

“This is morally corrupt, reacting to the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust by rewarding the murderers, it’s crazy”, Mr Gregory told ADH TV.

Foreign Minister Wong’s latest position confirms much of her recent double-speak was actually just a smoke-screen for Labor’s true position.

For all the talk of peace and harmony, this all-but gives the green light for the Jew haters to ‘amp it up’.

Musing about solving all this with a new Arab Palestinian State puts Australia substantially out of step the U.S. and Britain.

But worse than that, it sends exactly the wrong message to radical Islamic terrorists.

They now know something about how this country will respond if - God forbid – the Albanese government is really put to the test.

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