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Dave Pellowe
Antisemitism Rising | The Church And State Show 23.32
0h 52m
Jason Steinberg & Dr David Adler join Dave Pellowe to discuss the unimaginable scenario playing out in Australia and around the world where shameless, public antisemitism (Jew-hatred) is rising rapidly in complete ignorance of the identical social settings which made the Holocaust possible. Instead of “Never again”, we are witnessing the progress of “all over again” – the horrors of modern history repeating. • DON’T MISS the “Israel & Anti-Semitism” conference presented by Church And State at the Queensland Holocaust Museum on Sunday afternoon, 26 November. Learn the history, the prophecy and the politics of why Israel must exist and how to help resist anti-Semitism. For more details or to register now visit • The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) provides a strong, principled voice for the Jewish community in Australia. • The Queensland Holocaust Museum is a visually engaging, interactive, digitally intelligent, and immersive experience that brings the story of the Holocaust to life. Self-guided, free and easily accessible from a computer (not a mobile phone), the online resource is designed for an international audience and is accessible 24/7. • WATCH all the presentations from #ChurchAndState Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide now on ADH - • SUBSCRIBE to weekly updates and read more from Dave Pellowe -
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