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Damian Coory
Ep218i – WOKE Marketing KILLS Brands – So Why DO Companies STILL Do It?
0h 57m
Qantas is the latest company to foolishly go where brands should never tread: into divisive political issues. Given the number of failed ‘woke’ marketing efforts lately, you’d think brands would learn. But the trend persists. Why? The Other Side Interviews host Damian Coory – himself an expert with 20 years’ experience in PR - discusses with Sydney-based Branding and Advertising expert Sean Masters why brands appear to be so keen to commit a kind of suicide when the risks are so obvious, What is driving brands to make all the obviously wrong decisions in jumping on political ‘causes’ and social movements that don’t reflect the majority of their customers? Have the woke kids taken over the marketing and PR departments like their HR friends? Or is there another, more hidden, explanation driving these apparently self-destructive strategies? This Ep 218i first aired on ADH TV on 15 August 2023. The Other Side Interviews is a weekly long-form interview show on important news topics. It streams every Tuesday night at 6pm on Australia's ADH TV at It complements the weekly main show The Other Side Australia with Damian Coory which is a news and commentary summary show that streams on Friday nights at 8pm.
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