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Damian Coory
INFLATION in AUSTRALIA – What is REALLY causing it and WHERE are we heading?
1h 00m
Ep 219i The Other Side Interviews SCOTT PELTO Business and Economics Commentator Lots of Aussies are starting to really hurt by inflation, but not many of us really understand why it’s happening because of all the political spin and lies. Scott Pelto describes himself as ‘just an ordinary businessman’ but his background and achievements suggest otherwise. His take on where the country is heading, and why, make for fascinating viewing. Scott’s ability to explain Economics and Politics in simple terms everyone can understand is a breath of fresh air and clarity, in a world full of confusing ideas and competing opinions. Scott is not a politician, nor is he an academic. He’s someone with real-world experience who truly understands how the ‘game’ is played. He is the commercial manager of a law firm in Brisbane city and has such serious concerns about the direction of the nation, he’s decided to go public about it. Scott finished high school in the 1980s and went into the police force for 11 years where he spent 5 years as a criminal law prosecutor. He completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Government, Australian Political History and Public Administration, and also a Bachelor Commerce that took him into Accounting. He became an Auditor eventually heading up the Brisbane office for the forensic accounting division of the Global Big-4 accounting and consulting firm Deloitte. Marriage and family came along, and Scott started a thriving inner-city law firm with his wife, a leading Australian corporate lawyer.
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