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Damian Coory
Ep 227 – Almost Everyone’s Voting NO; Understanding the Israel Crisis
1h 05m
This week… NO could still lose, but only if complacency sets in and people don't bother voting or last minute big-spending by the elite YES camp has an effect. Polling has NO ahead two-to-one. Even Indigenous Aussies are much more split on what good a Voice to Parliament will really do. Will it just create “more of the same” bureaucracy and money wasting? Yes, but the future implications of making such a big change to our Constitution are HUGE, explains Constitutional expert Prof James Allan. Also we explain the Israel crisis and how it could lead to multinational war involving Australia. All the background you need to know on this enormously important unfolding story in ADH’s weekly news catch-up show. Ep 227 of The Other Side Australia for the weekend commencing Friday October 13 2023. Watch with video on
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