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Damian Coory
Ep233: Why Interest Rates Must Rise Further & Why Woke is the worst Virus of All
1h 10m
This week… More interest rate rises likely The connection between “woke” ideology of the left and the mishandling of Covid - a mind-blowing address from an Aussie Academic at an international forum The Liberal Party shows it’s still too scared to stand up for true liberal values A new study shows Aussie unis are letting young teachers and our kids down - big time Ben Shapiro shares his views on why so many people have so much sympathy for Gaza and seem to have forgotten the horror of October 7 And a professor warns we could be entering an “intellectual dark age” after a poll shows young people don’t care much about free speech Ep 233 of The Other Side Australia for the weekend commencing Friday November 24, 2023. Watch with video on
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