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Damian Coory
Ep 310 - Exactly who is this eSafety Commissioner and do we really need her?
0h 57m
This weekend on THE OTHER SIDE... Exactly who IS this "eSafety Commissioner" and do we need her? The Australian government is using the stabbing tragedy in Sydney last weekend, combined with the stabbing of a Christian Priest by a Muslim teenage 'terrorist', to resurrect it's nearly-dead draconian proposed Misinformation and Disinformation laws. Having had to shelve the laws at the end of last year for lack of political clout following the devastating Voice Referendum defeat, Albo & Co have decided now might be a good time to have another crack at reviving them. By using the latest tragedies as a weapon for the eSafety Commissioner to make ridiculous censorship demands of Elon Musk and his platform X, the government hopes the public will see it as a "White Knight" taking on the "Evil Ego-maniac Billionaire." Demonstrating their usual spinelessness, the Liberal-National Party Coalition have again abdicated their responsibility to be a true opposition. Leader Peter Dutton jumping full on-board with the government's plans. As an ex-policeman, Dutton doesn't mind a bit of heavy-handed government surveillance power over the people. Meanwhile, with much to gain from the demise of social media power, the old media players are cheering the political class on to victory. But is the double-act working this time? Or are the elites of Canberra and the Sydney Media mob about to get their backsides handed to them on a platter even more than they did in the Voice vote? AND Our Special ANZAC Day Guest this week: Brendan Cox, CEO, Legacy Brisbane speaking about the important work Legacy does for our veterans and their families. Ep 310 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday April 26, 2024. Watch all our shows on ADH TV for FREE! Here:
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