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Damian Coory
Ep 311 - Aussie MEN Have Had ENOUGH!
0h 51m
This weekend on THE OTHER SIDE... A controversial look at the Australian Domestic Violence 'problem.' We take a step back from the high emotion and ask rationally: is there actually a problem big enough to require THREE BILLION DOLLARS of government intervention? Have radical feminists hijacked this issue to drive an anti-male agenda? Are Australian men starting to push back? ALSO… Bruce Lehrmann reveals he is considering appealing the civil ruling that on the balance of probabilities he raped Brittany Higgins - we’ll explain simply and clearly for you want is going on with all that. AND… What is a HUMAN RIGHT? A leading libertarian explains it’s probably NOT what you think! Ep 311 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday May 3, 2024. Watch all our shows on ADH TV for FREE! Here:
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