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Damian Coory
Ep 309 - Sydney's PAIN - The Week of the Long Knives - What's to Blame?
0h 47m
This weekend on THE OTHER SIDE... Damian explores the reasons behind a week of tragedy and tears for Sydney. As sad as the Bondi Junction knife attack was, is there anything anyone could have done to prevent it? And what are we not realising about the social and political climate in Western Sydney? An apparently religiously-motivated stabbing attack on a beloved Christian Bishop in the middle of a religious service, left worshippers terrified and brought hundreds of supporters to the streets, sparking a riot. Why? We speak to local resident and new media commentator Joel Jammal for some important insights. Also what does Bruce Lehrmann's loss to Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson in his defamation lawsuit really tell us about the 'omni-shambles' that is the whole Higgins-Lehrmann 'rape' affair? And are Israel and Iran heading for all-out war? One expert thinks not. Ep 309 of The Other Side for the weekend commencing Friday April 19, 2024. Watch all our shows on ADH TV for FREE! Here:
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